Explore Within Budget During Covid-19

Date: 10 / october / 2021

Travelling has always been about more than just exploring different places. Travelling has always held its affinity towards exploring different cultures, traditions, humans, and more. With the increasing standard of living, traveling has emerged on the to-do list of people all across the globe. It has indeed topped the list for many. Along with exploring the world, do it under budget with Yess Airport Parking Coupon.

The advancement of technology and transportation has helped humans to convert the entire world into a global village. Exploring the earth has become even easier than before. This advancement in both technology and transportation has set many people on frequent voyages across the globe. It has given rise to a lot of industries, mainly that of the tourism sector.

How Pandemic affected the Economy?

The growth of the tourism sector has become a major contribution to the economic development of many countries. A lot of islands with minimal human population have relied solely upon modern tourism for satisfying their needs. They have even adopted a lot of steps to ensure that they offer a satisfying experience to the visitors. This will help in getting frequent customers and more popularity for the place. The traveling cost can get reduced in many ways. One of the best means is by making use of Yess Airport Parking Coupon.

But the global pandemic put a screeching halt in this sector. Not just businesses that were relied upon tourists did get impacted by the pandemic restriction, but along with them, even the tourists themselves felt restrained. Not just tourism but any other travel even for educational purposes got barred. Thus, to tackle the issue and spring the economy back, many countries had opened their doors for tourism but with strict covid protocols.

List of some countries to safely travel during pandemic

  • Kenya: Renowned for its wildlife and exotic natural parks, Kenya is the dream location for any travel enthusiast. It offers interesting scenic views that can be combined with safaris to experience the wild at the close. It has to be noted that the Kenyan government controlled the spread of pandemics very well. It has now emerged as one of the few countries that are completely safe to travel even during the uncertain times of covid-19.
  • Mexico: Mexico had quite a strict Covid-19 regulation being enforced nationwide. They followed high-level security measures along with constant testing to ensure that the country remains safe. Mexico is repose for beach lovers and sea babies. The water bodies in the land are well-renowned. Along with vast sandy space to lose free, Mexico has a great array of food that is ensured to kindle the taste buds of any food lover. With good food, a soothing beach wave, and a vivid city crowd, Mexico will surely be a refreshing retreat after the pandemic isolation.

  • British Virgin Islands: The British Virgin Island is one of the most secluded and distanced places. It is the perfect place to enjoy a vacation with stress-free status about covid as there are very limited people present in it and is surrounded by water and sands. There are more than 60+ mountains on the island and have exquisite hotels to stay in. Having opened for tourism in December 2020, the British Virgin Island is one of the best and safest places to visit during covid-19.
  • Egypt: All the world is renowned for the fame of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is in the lands of Egypt that the ancient pharos reigned. These tales have lost passed the Arabian soil and have left the world mesmerized. The antique land of Egypt also made itself fit for traveling last summer and is now welcoming tourists from all across the globe.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand prides itself on being the first country that declared 100% coronavirus-free condition. Apart from its safe condition, the land is also blessed with great scenery and trekking facilities. The ideal destination for backpack travelers. It is also renowned for its climatic condition which is often very interesting. The seasons are constantly in change and offer a refreshing twist from the generic routine of life.
  • Slovenia: Slovenia is famous for its sustainable tourism and is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. It is also one of the dream locations for a food lover as the country has 6 restaurants with Michelin stars. Slovenia has the good climatic condition, natural beauty, and scenic visage that makes it an ideal getaway during the covid pandemic. Pikul Lake Village is said to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Slovenia.
  • Island of Tahiti: The Island of Tahiti is situated in the French peninsula. Its picturesque location has served it to be the ideal spot for celebrations like weddings, honeymoons, special parties, events, and many more. Being an Island that is covered all the sides by water, the Island of Tahiti is renowned for its aquatic activities and resorts with spectacular water views.
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica welcomed tourists as early as November 2020. This was the period when many countries were skeptical about functioning normally. It has maintained all the safety protocols of pandemic traveling. It has also served to the attention of the new-age travelers by putting enforcement on sustainability and natural conversation. They also have eco-lodges to keep the nature lover in you amused and excited.
  • The world might still take its time to recover from the impact of a global pandemic that lasted for more than a year. It had indeed caused the loss in varied sectors of a nation that might be hard to restore. But the world will still keep evolving and coping.

    Traveling across the globe will let one explore themselves and not just discover different parts of the world but also different traits of themselves.

    With the above-mentioned list of countries, traveling during Covid-19 has become possible. Make it even easier by availing Yess Airport Parking Coupon that will make you travel in a budget-friendly manner. Don’t spend heftily on your car parking, when Yess Airport Parking Coupon is present to help.