Hand travel luggage constraints at UK airports

Date: 28 / July / 2020

Taking liquids through security, There are limitations on the quantity of liquids you can take in your hand baggage. Pack liquids in your hold luggage if possible.

Liquids consist of:

All beverages, consisting of water semi-liquid or liquid foods, for instance soup, jam, honey and syrups toiletries and cosmetics, consisting of creams, creams, oils, fragrances, mascara and lip gloss sprays, consisting of shaving hairspray, foam and spray antiperspirants pastes consisting of toothpaste gels, consisting of hair and shower gel contact lens service any other services and products of comparable consistency If you do take liquids in your hand travel luggage:

containers need to hold no more than 100ml

containers need to remain in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and determine around 20cm x 20cm contents need to fit conveniently inside the bag so it can be sealed the bag needs to not be knotted or connected at the top you're restricted to 1 plastic bag per individual you should reveal the bag at the airport security point If the container is just part complete, liquids in containers bigger than 100ml typically can not go through security even. There are some exemptions.


You can take liquid containers bigger than 100ml through security if they: are for necessary medical functions are for unique dietary requirements consist of infant food or infant milk You can likewise take liquids purchased an airport or on an aircraft (such as task complimentary) through security if:

When you purchase them, the products are sealed inside a security bag the invoice for the products is sealed in the security bag and noticeable You should not open the security bag till you reach your last location. Airport personnel might require to open the products to evaluate the liquid at the security point.

Liquid constraints outside the EU

Countries outside the EU may have various guidelines on bring liquids as a transit or transfer guest. You ought to inspect these guidelines with the pertinent airline companies and airports prior to taking a trip.


You can just bring 1 lighter on board. You need to put it inside a resealable plastic bag (like the ones utilized for liquids), which you need to keep throughout the flight. You can not: put it in your hold travel luggage put it in your hand baggage after screening

Food and powders

Food products and powders in your hand travel luggage can block images on x-ray makers. Your bags might require to be examined once again by hand by security. You can put these products in your hold baggage to reduce hold-ups.