Let’s Travel more this 2021 – A guide for Affordable travelling

Date: 12 / Feb / 2021

Let's make this 2021 the year you travel the world!. 2020 was hectic, the entire world stumbled and there was no word of travel a person can think of. We always amazed at the number of excuses people find to supposedly prevent them from traveling. Most people have at least a few doubts and fears when it comes to travel.

Certainly no stranger to the occasional moment of uncertainty. Should we really be spending that much money on this trip? Wouldn't it be better if I saved that money? We should be safe I this corona season? We don't have enough time to plan this trip! The place is too far to visit. That's why we starting a series on this topic from today, in which we will regularly publish traveling, airport and airport parking information. These articles will help you put those silly excuses to the end of your mind.

Now we are very excited about this series because not it will just be an informational piece for you guys, but it will be an informational piece for me too! We are in this area together! People will spend more than that on a pub night! Not only does this make it a very affordable way to travel on a budget, but it is also a lot easier to fit into your busy schedule. Do you have a day off on the weekend? Work part time? Don't you have lectures every day? Would you like to plan your own day trips? Let's start with the question every traveller likes to ask - where do you want to go?

Where to Go

The beginning of your day trip will affect where you can go. From the UK, most of Western and Central Europe is ideal due to the time it takes to get there and the fact that there is only a 1 hour time difference. Of course you can continue this. Before you book, always check the time of some flights have several flights per day, others only have one entry and one exit. While day trips are short by definition, you don't want to go home 30 minutes after you arrive! For us, at least 8 hours is a reasonable amount of time to be at your destination. This gives you plenty of time to explore, but also some time to relax.

All you need hand luggage

Another great benefit of traveling for just one day is that you don't have to take luggage with you. So no heavy suitcase to lug around and no baggage fees from the airline! Since you are only there for one day, a backpack or handbag is enough to carry almost anything you need. Before heading out the door, make sure you have your passport, plane tickets, and money. These are the most important things to make sure of. These days we're all glued to our phones so be sure to have them with you to take photos - just don't forget your charger! A phrasebook might be a good idea if you are straying from the usual tourist routes or alternatively learning a few words of the local slang.