Travelling Update In United Kingdom

Date: 15 / october / 2021

The pandemic has made humans experience life like never before. Simple everyday tasks faced turbulence due to the raging pandemic. Every nation shut its door for outsiders with the ultimate motto of safeguarding its citizens. This has indeed affected a lot of industries, but mainly the travel and tourism industry. Yess Airport Parking News is constantly updated to ensure proper knowledge is being dispensed to travelers.

Britain too looked after itself by imposing strict pandemic rules and travel restrictions. Since the discovery of the virus in late 2019, and early 2020, every nation in the world had taken a lot of preventive steps. This is enforced in varied means like travel restriction, physical distancing, healthcare tips among many others. Follow Yess Airport Parking News to remain aware of traveling details in the pandemic period.

What are the things to know Before Travelling?

One of the major steps taken at an international level was the shutting down of airports and canceling international travels. This was done to curb the spread of the virus from one nation to another. Soon after the invention of vaccination, the restrictions were eased to an extent. They were practices like:

  • Compulsory Covid-19 test
  • Vaccination proof
  • Quarantine period
  • These rules were often amended based on the virus spreading rate and recovery period. Here are the traveling updates in the United Kingdom.

  • Ensure the country traveling is permitted: For the sake of convenience and clarity, the United Kingdom has classified international countries under three different colors. This color-coding is done based on virus severity.
  • Red list of countries is Angola, Bolivia, Botswana, Cape Verde, Cuba, Ecuador, Georgia, Lesotho, Rwanda, Seychelles, Suriname, etc. There is a traveling ban existing in these nations and is not permitted for international traveling. Only a British citizen can enter the UK if returning from a red list country. Stay updated with Yess Airport Parking News about all the traveling data.
  • Amber list of countries is Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Aruba, Bahrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Congo, Egypt, Fiji, France, and India among many others. In case of returning to England back from amber list countries, there is a need to take covid test 3 days before traveling and book a test to be taken upon arrival to England. Fill a passenger locator form for additional needs.
  • Green list of countries is Austria, Australia, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, and others. A covid test must be taken 3 days before traveling to England along with booking a test 2 days after arrival. It has to be noted that there is no need for quarantine if the covid test result is negative.
  • Be fully vaccinated: The vaccination for covid has to be abiding by the rules of the country to be considered fully vaccinated. The government of the UK has released a list of vaccination that are accepted in the country. They are:
    • Moderna Vaccine
    • Pfizer or BioNTech vaccine
    • AstraZeneca vaccine
  • Prove vaccination: Ensure that even after vaccination you have all the required documents to prove your vaccinated status. You will be required to show your vaccination proof to the travel agent and the boarding center. Ensure to update your passenger locator form with the vaccination proof of being fully vaccinated. One of the most approved vaccination proof is the NHS covid pass. Yess Airport Parking News provides all the current news regarding travel rules in the United Kingdom.

  • If in any case, the vaccine is a program under the overseas or international mission, a letter of proof from the Oversea Territory is required to claim you have been vaccinated. Ensure to cross-check the validity of the letter before arriving. This might save a lot of time and effort later.

    A European Digital Covid certificate will also act as a supporter of the vaccination claim.

    These traveling rules are meant to be changed from 4 October 2021. The vaccination status is only regarded to be fully vaccinated if you are vaccinated under these clauses:

  • Any vaccination that is accepted and recognized in UK, America, and Europe.
  • Complete vaccination of Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer BioNTch, Moderna, or Janssen from public health centers of Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Dominica, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.
  • It must also be regarded that the vaccination must be taken at least 14 days before arriving in England.
  • There is a need to also book and pay for a Covid-19 test to be taken 2 days after arriving in England.
  • The new rules have exempted the passengers from taking a pre-departure test which was once compulsory.
  • Even if you are fully vaccinated but are arriving from the list countries marked red, then you will not be allowed inside the kingdom despite your vaccination status. The only exception is a British or an Irish citizen who has residence rights in the UK.
  • Along with a pre-departure test, the passengers will also not have to take a day 8 covid test as well. And there is also no enforcement of quarantine.
  • Also care must be taken that the document of vaccination has the right identification details such as:
  • surname as well as a forename
  • birth date
  • manufacturer of vaccine
  • vaccine name
  • date of vaccination specific dose
  • country vaccination taken
  • the issuer of the vaccination certificate
  • Not having any of these aforementioned details in the vaccination document might get it rejected and regarded invalid. Thus, ensure to have all the proper documents required, before traveling to the United Kingdom. Keep checking Yess Airport Parking News to get all the recent updates regarding the travel policies, rules, and restrictions for Britain.

    These rules and regulations might not be the same throughout the year. There are chances of them getting fluctuated based on the covid condition in the country. There are best efforts taken to ensure that traveling is a safe and easy journey so that no one is adversely affected. All the traveling updates are offered in Yess Airport Parking News and are constantly updated as soon well.